Mobile App Identidad UABC

From a membership card to an award-winning app with over 25k users

About the client

Fundacion UABC is a non-profit organization owned by Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, one of the largest and most recognized public universities in Mexico.  They offer study-abroad scholarship programs. They have participated in projects to support hospitals during COVID and many more activities to support their local communities.

Project Analysis


They reached out to us asking for help in one of their fundraising programs: a discount card partnered with many businesses throughout Baja California for their students, graduates, teachers, and administrators.  

The primary objective was to develop a system so that the card would only have to be printed once and improve the user experience as well as grant immediate access to the discounts offered.




We built a mobile app that allowed users to create an account by confirming their association with the university through a validation process with the University’s internal database.  The app allows the user to register for payment and gives access to all discounts offered by this program.  

The app is also able to measure its use and traffic in order to provide valuable information that helps grow its reach. 


Award Case America Latina


In 2020, the program Identidad UABC was awarded the "Best practices in digital communication by CASE PLATINUM AWARDS AMERICA LATINA".  This was a great accomplishment of which we are very proud.


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