From a WordPress template to a scalable E-learning platform

About the client


Unibetas is a private business from a school named Proyecto Impulsa. Their main goal is to help people accomplish the admission test to a public university. They have over 2000 students per year.


Project Analysis


As opposed to other companies, Unibetas came to us once they already had a working system - however, one that would consistently crash due to the fact that it lacked the architecture to withhold the amount of requests it receives during its busy season.  Additionally, it lacked personalization and was difficult to use.




We developed a web app scalable to reach a huge audience and help them to start making simulation tests (almost exactly as in the Universities). The platform also has an algorithm that helps users to understand their weaknesses and show them courses and lessons to improve them. Another function is a social one, and gamification, you can see a leaderboard with your classmates and gain points among other interactive qualities.


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